What is CAD?


This process avoids having to use the analog plaster casts we used in the past. The CAD we use is known as a structure scanner and attaches to an Apple iPad. It pixelates a visual image for us to make orthoses with a three-dimensional software that plugs into a robot or a carver to fabricate the desired shape.

Is it better?

Yes! We can scan and manipulate the software in minutes which removes the patient's discomfort that exited with plaster molds. This method is easier, safer, quicker and has a greater sensitivity of measurements. The outcome is predictable, repeatable and matches any of the past masters of plaster casting. Patients who have had both the plaster molds and the scanning, find they feel more comfortable and prefer the scanner. Although most scans are performed while upright, we are able to scan in a lateral recumbent position and duplicate the other side, as long as they are symmetrical. This position relieves the discomfort of a full log-roll for someone who has had surgery.

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