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hyper-extension brace
Side-view of hyper-extension brace for fractures

We are involved with our patients from the beginning stages of care through to their final outcome. In providing better education, our patients are more involved with their own wellness journey. We never cut corners, and our follow-up care is always included.

We have closely followed five former idiopathic scoliosis patients for over 20 years after shedding their orthoses, none had visibly detectable curvatures. This is not always the case, as we primarily seek to arrest progression. (I don't understand this sentence)

Gavin did a 1993 study of Orthotic Treatment for Chronic Back Pain and won several awards for this work. More than 50% of patients that were headed to spinal fusion surgery returned to work without the need for further treatment.

Since 1994, the Geriatric Forward Posture Management Clinic has seen many patients arrive with a walker only to carry it out while wearing their posterior shell orthosis. We know the best scenario would be a non-invasive brace, so we take a minimalist approach. A positive body image, without surgical scars, is always our goal for our patients.